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I told my therapist about fan fiction.

I told her about slash, which is what I write.

I explained the legal grey area we work in, and why this is has to remain not-for-(monetary)profit.

She had no difficulty with any of these concepts.

I then told her--actually, gave her some printed-out posts from the last comments meta. I didn't want my feelings coloring the opinion.

That, she did not understand at all. She asked me if what this meant was that writers were supposed to post their stories for free for people to read, and be ridiculed when they expected someone to say something as simple as, thank you, or I liked this.

I said yes, that's what it meant, and it's why I keep my stories under lock & key. It's the only thing that makes me able to post them at all.
[I just posted this to something on metafandom.]

I recently read a post about how lurkers are the backbone of fandom.

OK, then let's try this: let's all of us who post, who write and draw and vid and put together cons and whatever else take a year off and let the lurkers take over. And let's see what happens.

I like being old. I like knowing what, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem," means.
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