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Let me start with, if you're on my flist, I'm not talking about you. I'm happy with the comments I get on the stories I post here. By flocking my stories, I know that X number of people are reading them, and when I get Y number of posts, that's cool. It's when they're unflocked, and potentially X times a hundred people might be reading them, and it's still the same Y number of people commenting that I feel like this.

I'm sorry this isn't fiction. )


Jun. 25th, 2009 01:11 pm
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Because I am the one who needs a warning label!
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It's the one with the guy who planted the bomb on the Seattle bus, & (what I remember) in the teaser, the bus stops at a bus stop & an Arab guy tries to get on the bus, only the bus driver won't let him. (And, of course, he wasn't the bomber, he was a mis-direct.)

I would have sworn that that was this episode, only I just watched the teaser & the Arab guy was gone entirely. And I think there was more about the bomb being in an umbrella, scenes that would have made a mis-direct impossible.

Does anybody else remember this? Or know anything about it?
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I'm still among the living. Pat is still...not. I've been writing furiously in my diary, but nothing that belongs here. I am, however, listening to "Dreamcatcher" again, & making some notes, & I also watched the new "Salem's Lot" on TNT, & have some definite thoughts about it. I'll need to watch it at least a second time (which means it's good. Well, it could mean that it's bad but so hilarious it's a pleasure to watch, but in this case it means it's good. Really good). And maybe read the novel again, which is harder.

Anyway. Still here.
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[ profile] thefannishwaldo posted a couple of these today, so I had to do one of my own. They always make me laugh, & this one's especially good.

The Battle For The Wet Dog )
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